Our Company

Our company is a reality that has been operating for several years in the gold industry, jewels and precious. In these years we are committed to earning the trust of our customers by showing transparency and honesty are fundamental to differentiate ourselves in an industry that is notoriously regarded with suspicion. Whether visiting one of our offices, or by using the services of our e-commerce, customers can rest assured of confidentiality, qualified persons and guaranteeing service attentive to the legality and professionalism.


Cira Schettino

Administrator and Trade Consultant

Carmen Schettino

Sales Manager

Sonia Palomba

E-Commerce Manager

Giuseppina Caiazzo

E-Commerce Assistant

Carmela Alfano

Front Desk

Rachele Borriello

Front Desk

Federica Cirillo

Info & Complaints

Antonio Sifo

Shipments Manager

Our Contact Details

Company Name: Golden Line s.r.l. 
Address : corso Nazionale 353, 84018 Scafati (SA) Italy
VAT Number: 05198220658 
Phone:  (+39) 081-850-3010